Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wow January went by so fast and I have been so busy! Here is an overview of our crazy life in January.
First off is New Year's Eve. We spent it with Cole's family, as we do most years, and we have a big dinner with lots of food and snacks, and play tons of games. It's always so much fun! Im so lucky to have married into such a wonderful family!
Here is My niece Capri laughing at me and making me smile =) I love this little girl so much! She is so fun to have around and we always love tending her and her sisters.
My baby Bella Boos. =( I'm sad to say we sold her this past week. I am trying not to cry seeing this picture and writing about her. We have been so busy the past dew months and had crazy schedules not to mention other things that happen unplanned in life. She is such a happy and loving dog that we never had the time to spend and play with her that she needed and deserved. We "kennel" trained her to our half bathroom and that is where she always stayed for about 18 hours out of the day. By the tine we got home late at night and then went to bed and left the next morning she would only be out for a few hours. It just broke my heart when we would come home and she would get her ball and come puther head on our lap to go out and play and we had to say no or move because we needed to do homework or dishes, laundry, etc. Our life will be even crazier coming up with me going to school at UVU and leaving at 7am and not getting home until 8pm or even later it just would not be fair to her not to give her the attention she needed and deserved. We found what we felt and looked to be a good family for her, mom and dad, 3 kids a baby on the way, an acre of yard to play in and I hope she is just so much happier and getting even more love and attention from those kids than we could give her with just me and Cole. I miss her so much still and I hope this sadness and pain will go away soon but I couldn't be selfish in keeping her. :..(

Here is Bella again and My other baby Lexie Lou. I am keeping her and am just as much attached to her! She is a bit different though. She is so tiny (4.5 pounds!) and doesn't require nearly as much attention as my bubs (that is what we call Bella) She isn't as hyper and doesn't want to play nearly as often and is alittle more skiddish around other people where as Bella loved attention and being with a lot of people. Lexie is also my little shadow she follows me everywhere and anywhere I go. She sleeps at my feet at night and even lays by my door when im in the bathroom getting ready. She will lay on lap whikle I watch T.V. or do homework. Bella was just a little,lol, too big to lay on my lap even though she would any chance she got! She was also a big cuddler!

New Year's Kiss! =)

My sis in-laws Haylee, Brooke, niece Capri, mom-in-law Jodie, and me =)

Ha ha ha! Okay so every year someone is always daring someone else to run down the street naked for a big chunk of money! Well no one wanted to do it this year so the bet went down to running down the street in your underware. So good ol' Tanner (he's 16) took that bet (from his older sister Brooke) and off her ran in the freezing cold down the street in his undies. I was laughing so hard and was quick enough to get this picture of him as he was running back inside. (Yes he was ok with me putting his picture up ha ha!)

Cole Lighting our legal ;) fireworks at midnight while the rest of us banged our pots and pans lol!Happy New Year!

Cole's bootay oh ya! ha ha ha!

Oh man Jodie and I were taking pictures and then turned around and took one of each other!

My in-laws Phil and Jodie

Cute baby Bella Boos =)

So we started off the night with some Just Dance 2 on the Wii and it was so much fun!! We ended up playing that just up until a few minutes before midnight, we were having so much fun! Cole is the best dancer, besides our niece Kierra, and was always puilling the funniest faces and moves such as in the pic below.

Here is Cole battling it out with his younger brother Tate. There is Kierra laughing in the background at them dancing, or trying to dance according to her =)

January 20th was my mom's birthday. She would have been 54. Happy Birthday in heaven to you mom! I know you are up there doing heavenly fathers work and helping to teach and share the gospel with others =) These pictures are kind of blurry as they are pictures of pictures. It is so sad because in the 90's cameras and pictures weren't as big as they are now so I have very few pictures of her. Maybe thats why I am so picture crazy and take so many all the time!
Me giving my mom loves on Christmas morning.

Me and my mom. I was one chubby bald baby Ha ha ha!

Here is an old family picture of us before my little sister Rianne was born. Dad, me, Brenna and mom.

This was in St George at my grandparents house out in the back yard blowing bubbles.

My dad told me my mom would always read to us like this =) we always loved it

Here is a picture of me right after I was born. My mom went natural with all three of us girls!

Me, mom, and Brenna
Happy Birthday mom I love and miss you everyday!

January 24th was Cole's 25th Birthday. Time goes by so fast! I can't even believe in August we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary! Happy Birthday Cole I love you so much!

First I started off the day with a surprise to a day spa for a couples massage. It was so nice and he really neede one not to mention me too! =)
Then for another surprise that night, I surprised Cole and planned a little party bowling with his family at FatCats. It was so much fun and he had no idea what we were doing or where we were going!

Cole's niece and sister

Cole's cute mom =)

At home blowing out the candles

We just decided to open his presents from me when we got home to make it a little easier and quieter than at the bowling alley.

Opening presents from his family

I thought making cupcakes instead of a cake would be easier to bring and eat at the bowling alley.

Cole's cute nephew Holden and niece Capri!

I love these babies so much!

Cole and his sisters, ah "friend" Chris bowling ;) I don't think they are together but I know they are not just "friends" lol I guess that stage where it's something inbetween

Cole with his sisters and brothers (missing a sister and 2 brothers)

Hha! Holden loved his cupcake!

January 30th Mom you passed away 16 years ago today. It has been so hard growing up without you. I often find myself thinking about how different my life might have been or what type of person I would have been different if you were here. I still find it hard when I am shopping by myself and see other girls with their moms shopping together having a good time. I often get envious that they have something as simple as shopping and talking together and don't even realize how lucky they are. It was always so hard picking out dresses for dances by myself, but I do have to give dad credit for being there and trying to help me pick out the right one =) One of the hardest things was not having you here for my wedding helping me pick out my dress, making, plans, going through the temple together, and I just had to plan it all by myself, although I think I did a pretty good job =) Probably the hardest thing is just not having you there to call when I need something or just need someone to talk to or even cry to and tell me everything will be okay. I am greatful I was given two amazing sisters that I couldn't imagine life without. Maybe heavenly father knew how hard it would be and that was his way to help make it easier. I also have a onderful dad who I know loves me very much and would do anything for me. I also know how much you didn't want to leave us. Dad said when you were sick the only thing you were worried about and would say was "I don't want to leave my girls". I know things will be harder as life changes like not having you here when I have a baby, or my kids will miss the opportunity of knowing you as agranndmother, and I know you would have been great! There are so many mopre words and feelings but I know you were called back for a reason and you were needed more on the other side even more than you were needed here. Maybe it's because you were such a great teacher =) I am so greatful for the plan of salvation knowing that I will be able to see you again! I love you so much!
Love your daughter Lauren

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

Later in the day we went to Cole's parent's house to open gifts and have a yummy dinner.

After we had our own Christmas morning together we went over to my dad's house with my grandma and sisters to open presents and hang out together for awhile.

My little sis Rianne opening her gifts

My older sis Brenna and her husband Matt. Yes I'm lame and got both of them shirts. I never know what to buy anymore especially on a budget!

My dad opening his gifts from us. Guess what it is? Yep more clothes lol!

My niece pulling her funny stinker face.

Oh and I gave my dad scentsy of course!

Me and my beautiful Grandma! Love her! Can you believe she is 79! I go to the gym and do yoga with her every once in a while.

Grandma, Brenna, and Marseille

She loves this book we gave her! It has a push buttom that plays music and I knew it would probably drive mom and dad crazy but I knew she would love it!

Cole needed new gym clolthes. See more clothes that I give as gifts! oh well, I love shopping

Cole got a keychain fart noise maker! I had to put this in when I saw it!

Stocking stuffer gag presents!

My cute boots I wanted

Santa stopped at our house ;)

Opening presents

This is the neckace Cole got me for Christmas! I love it! I wasn't really expecting anything because things are tight right now but he totally surprised me!


cole's pretending im really suprised face